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Need curbside waste pick-up? Our competitive rates and friendly service make Pollard Disposal the best choice in the Atlanta area. We are locally owned and operated in Senoia and believe in creating a high-quality experience for our customers, so you can expect on-time service, every time.

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Frequently asked questions

When should I put my trash and/or recycle out?

We ask that you put your trash out on the night before your service day to help ensure pickup.

Is there a set time each week that my trash and recycling will be picked up?

We cannot guarantee that your trash will be picked up at the same time of day each week. Various factors can affect collection times. Please have your trash out on the night before your service day to help ensure pickup.

What is the proper placement for my container?

Please put the trash can at the corner of your driveway, away from your mailbox. We ask that the cart opening face the road and the handles and wheels face towards your house. The cart should be no more than 6 ft. away from the road. If you have 2 carts, please leave 3 ft. of space between them so the automated system can easily grab them. Please leave 3 ft. of space between your trash can and recycle bin.

Do you pick up yard debris?

We do accept grass clippings and leaves in biodegradable bags. This service is $1 per bag, which we will add to your account. Please call or email ahead of your service day to schedule this. We can accept up to 5 bags per pickup.

What is your holiday schedule?

We observe New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. If the holiday falls on your scheduled service day, your collection will be delayed by one day. All remaining pickups for that week will also be delayed by one day. Holidays that fall on Saturdays or Sundays will not affect your service.

What items do you recycle?

See attached document

What are considered to be unacceptable curbside items?

Examples of unacceptable curbside items include but are not limited to hazardous waste, chemical products, bricks/stones, flammables, medical waste, furniture, large electronics, shingles, wood, glass or dirt.

Do you offer large, bulky item collection (furniture, appliances, etc)?

We do not offer a bulk item collection, but would be happy to talk with you about other options that you may find helpful.

Should I be bagging my trash?

We do ask that you bag your trash. This helps to prevent liter in your area, and it also keeps the can cleaner.

Do you pick up trash outside of my can?

Weekly, we will just pick up the trash in your can. Please contact us by phone or email if you will have additional bags outside of your can. We will recommend 2 carts if you consistently have extra garbage. Charges will apply for the additional can.

I have large boxes to dispose of.  What should I do?

If you have recycling, please break the boxes down and place in or beside your recycling bin. If you do not have recycling, please break the boxes down and bag them for easy collection.

If I cancel my service prior to the end of my billing cycle, will I receive a refund?

We do not offer refunds for early cancellation.

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